Sunday, April 22, 2007


How do you understand the Holy Spirit's work in your own life?


Lydia said...

It isn't something I generally can see at the time.

But when I look back at what has happened to me in the past, I can see how the Holy Spirit worked quietly behind the scenes.

I'm trying to think of a good analogy to explain this a little better...hmmm, no luck yet.

Amy said...

Coming from a Charismatic background, I've grown up with a lot of talk and "experience" of the Holy Spirit in my life. The experience of the Holy Spirit tended to focus on feeling. You "knew" the God had annointed the service when the worship time went all the way to end of service and their was no time for preaching.

These days, I view the Holy Spirit and how she works in our lives differently. As I study and learn and experience life, the Holy Spirit works in me. Her voice becomes my voice. Rather than experiencing the Holy Spirit as something outside me, she is inside me. I can't always distinguish the two of us.

As I write this it sounds a little odd. For me, the Spirit working in my life is so much more than emotion. It's conviction, challenge, love, hope working in me and changing me into who I should be. This is the part that is "supernatural" to me. When I reach out with mercy despite my anger, when I read a book to my children when all I want is space to myself, that is moving toward the person I want to be and away from the selfishness that comes so naturally to me.

Lydia said...

Rather than experiencing the Holy Spirit as something outside me, she is inside me. I can't always distinguish the two of us.

I like this.

Amy said...

I have to come back to this one. It's been mulling around in my mind.

I've always heard the Holy Spirit called our advocate. I think I've understood this intellectually in the past, but not deep within me.

I've recently been called to be an advocate for our son, Nate. Better put, I'm recognizing that call in a new way. We're scheduled for a 2nd opinion in August, but after seeing a Child Development Psychologist about six weeks ago, she stated that his symptoms line up with a mild form of Cerebal Palsy.

With this possible diagnosis, the term advocate has been on my mind and heart a lot...because it's what I'm doing. I don't always do a great job. I get frustrated and angry at the circumstances. I am sad over my inability to do what really needs to be done at some points.

And then I remember that as I advocate for my precious son, the Holy Spirit is acting as my advocate, without all the faults thrown in. It's really marvelous.

Jemila Monroe said...

Profound words Amy (both comments.)

Will pray for you and your son.

Amy said...

Thanks, Jemila.

Kate said...

I think for me the Holy Spirit truly works as counselor...a quiet voice who will center me, or in the midst of a fury, suddenly give me a glimpse of the 'other side' and immediately my anger is extinguished. Sometimes it will be a profound thought that will hover in my mind and heart for days because I know that is was from God.

There have been a few encounters where I have had a strong physical reaction, or maybe it was just highly emotional...I'm not sure where the two differ sometimes.

Jemila Monroe said...

Poignant, pinpoint light, compassionate and clear, kind, wise, integrating, wholistic and holy, guiding, keeping, Grace and Truth, all Love.