Sunday, September 09, 2007

Senses of Charity

Using our hands, smells, textures, eyes, sights, creating sound -- or things that emote their own sounds can be a form of giving, prayer, sensuality. I found 25 things for charity
as I followed a link from Simone's blog,
It's basically just people individually committing to craft 25 things for any charity during a one year period, in the context of others sharing that devotional goal. Make anything, for anyone, anytime. Use your hands and give beauty. I think this is a lovely and possible dream: 25 things in one year. I may try it...


Nancy said...

Sounds cool, Jemila. I too could get into something like this. We all do not have to "be Mother Theresa" to pitch in (although she certainly is an inspiration!).

Last year I took up knitting after 30 years (learned it in high school). I had stopped to check out some yarns in a shop and was blown away...just amazing to the eyes and finger tips. My skills are so basic but as we head into fall/winter I am thinking about picking up the needles and finding some more gorgeous yarns to play with and why not try knitting something nice for someone who could use something warm, soft and lovely when the air gets so cold and bitte?

Thanks for the link and your thoughts.

Amy said...

What a fun idea. My mom makes baby blankets and burp clothes for a local pregnancy resource center. My mom is an amazing seamstres and is infatuated with fabrics. So, the blankets and burp clothes are beautiful.

There's something about a gift tht is hand-made. I think I'll make a go of it as well.