Monday, November 20, 2006

Blog Guidlines

This blog is intended as a creative healing response to the widespread (not) christian repression and ignorance surrounding women as sexual, created and wondrous beings.

As a creative healing response, this space is not about bashing men or the church. It is about welcoming the Spirit to redeem our sensual and sexual selves; our playfulnesss and dreams, our (mis)adventures and passions, the things that make us sing and quiver, cry and laugh and yearn until we SCREAM God's praises.

Feel free to be as modest or as explicit as you feel led in God's spirit of freedom and loving concern for others. There are no other rules. Posts can be as profound or goofy as you like, as philosophical or pragmatic, as artistic or down to the facts. This is your chance to let the real you come out in a safe, supportive place where sex, play and worship are pretty much synonymous. Thanks for joining the conversation!


Doxallo said...

Wonderful idea Jemila! Thanks for the space. :)

Jemila Monroe said...

Thanks for coming by, doxallo :)

Cynthia said...

Just a simple thank you for providing such a place.

Krista said...

Thanks - I am excited that i found this space to learn and maybe be a part of the conversation.