Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The Social Justice Tradition

Reflection Question

In Matthew 25, Jesus chastises those who neglect the needy. He specifcally drew attention to 6 groups of needy people: the hungry, thirsty, alienated, naked, sick, and jailed. Who else might fit into "the least of these" category?


Lydia said...

Addicts. People (adults or children) who have been abused or who have developmental disabilities.

Nancy said...

Yes, Lydia. And within the category of the abused, I'm thinking of victims of the human trade...from the overtly enslaved and those vulnerable individuals who are "employed" as illegal aliens, child workers, etc. When you think about this issue, you see that it too falls along some sort of continuum and the USA is not immune from participating in aspects of it within our own borders as well as abroad.

Lydia said...

I agree with what you said about systemic/institutional abuse.

the USA is not immune from participating in aspects of it

And this is an important point to make. It's one thing to point at a problem that's out there, something that "bad" people do.

It's quite another to see it in your own culture (or even in yourself.)

Jemila Monroe said...

I would add the isolated, the workaholic and those society (and we, unless we are conscious of it) give less honor. Poor pregnant women. Preborn human beings.

Nancy said...

Yes, Jemila...and often our elderly (can be one of the "isolated" you mentioned).

Amy said...

I can't help but think of the Hispanic community, specifically those that are labeled as "illegal immigrants".